• We're a Global Systems Catalyst.

    Empowering Future Generations to Build Thriving Communities

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    Social Impact Lab

    Radical Shifts. Cultivating Social Experiments.

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    The Phinklife Institute

    Developing Leaders for Social Impact

  • Our Areas of Creative Focus

    We Help Model the Future through Community Development

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    Strategy + Human Systems + Technology

    Designing with Higher Values

    The 21st Century is a shift in global consciousness, opening up unique complex challenges that impact our collective belief systems. With this large transition, we help navigate this change by exploring and co-creating new systems more congruent to the future we wish to live in.


    Driven by community action, we take a human-centered approach focused on higher values.


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    Philanthropy + Empowering Education

    Leadership, Learning and Sharing

    Spreading generosity for humanitarian efforts can be an expression of your talents and creativity. It's about delivering a service to benefit others for the greater good. Being good and doing great.


    If you're developing leaders to model a future where the next generations can thrive in, we can help you create frameworks and approaches to cater towards the tribes, culture and communities which you want to see make a difference in the world.


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    Social Innovation + Networks

    Growth and Community Development

    Our social innovation approach considers a holistic view of harnessing creativity by aligning spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth.


    By deepening connections, we spark the leadership needed to lead and build alliances and communities.


    Using collective networks and available technology, we help solve today's most challenging and complex problems.


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    Discovery Toolkit

    Let us assist you with some Self Discovery at your own pace. By clicking 'Download', you agree to receive an email from us and learn more about how we can work together.

  • The Process

    3C's Global Catalyst Program Framework

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    The Co-Creation Model

    Social Innovation at its finest.

    We're a culture of systems thinkers, ecosystem designers and community builders. Whether it means mapping cultures, exploring technology or inspiring future leaders, we're here to assist. We're on a mission to build new thriving passionate communities with you.

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    The Collaboration Model

    Designing for the perfect fit.

    Do you share a common mission with us? If you're inspired by our projects and collective networks, and want to implement it in your community in your own way, we share our systems approach and mutually integrate our work as a collaborative user experience.

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    The Cultivation Model

    Our Culture Think + Do Social Lab

    Global Systems change in most cases is an emerging experience. We learn as we go, listen and navigate the unknown. As our culture grows and experience matures, insights spark and inspire our own unique communities and projects.

  • Make Change Now

    Want to Co-Create or Collaborate? We'd love to hear from you.