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    Social Impact Lab:

    Making Impact through Higher Values

    (Phink + Do)

  • Our Services

    At the Social Impact Lab, we create the environment and offer the experience to experiment with social change and community impact.

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    Impact Strategy + Design

    Social Impact Architecture

    Big Dreamers and Vigilant Doers. We offer the strategic acumen and human-centered design expertise to translate vision into realizing social impact with practical applications

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    Impact Networks + Community

    Connecting Your Impact

    We engage, activate and mobilize networks for change. Whether it's internal to the organization or your communities, we accelerate the momentum to make collective impact

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    Impact + Social Technology

    Impact Development

    We help evaluate technology for social impact fit. Align your product development with your mission as a congruent empowering expression of your organizations culture

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    Our Journey Map for Impact Development

    Our model follows an iterative flow that is conducive for social experimentation with continuous feedback loops for multi-stakeholder groups. We follow a lean impact approach for a high value use of available resources.

  • Collaborative Impact Networks

    Mobilizing Social Impact through Networks of Change Agents.

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    Global Change Networks

    Borderless Change

    These are organizations and networks which are global and international in nature. International Organizations, Think Tanks, Movements and Partnership Networks

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    National and Local Change Networks

    Community Impact

    Change Agent communities and local organizations that make direct social impact to the people around them.

  • Make Change Now

    Want to Co-Create or Collaborate? We'd love to hear from you.

  • F.A.Q.

    Things that usually come top of mind.

    Is social impact simple to do?

    Some people might see social impact as just making a difference. We see social impact as addressing issues that typically fall in the category of "sticky challenges". The complexity arrives from being very non-linear in nature; that is the human components, different belief systems, and level of values and collective consciousness will reveal the type of change and impact that gets accepted and rejected within an ecosystem. While there are certain skill sets and competencies that are learned, it requires people who are developed with higher values thinking to respect, integrate and be sensitive to diversely create a level of impact.

    What's the difference between adding value and creating social impact?

    The traditional product and service development space generally sees added-value as an improvement that reinforces and makes a set behaviour easier and more efficient to do. Social impact as added-value focuses on human development and helps enable behavioural change to shift value systems. For example, the difference could be making communications easier towards changing the way we communicate.

    What are higher values and value systems?

    Values are what makes us think the way we do, and as a system, constructs how we model and interpret the world around us. On a scale of growth and human consciousness, our values system form many of our behaviours and what we create in this world. This applies both to the individual, and as a collective whole. As a Global Catalyst, our role is to design systems and develop people to operate out of values that empower the world, unleashing human potential to the fullest.

    How do communities and social impact relate?

    For us, social impact occurs when there is a positive change at the human level, shifting beliefs and behaviours to create results that improve the well-being of individuals and communities. By focusing on higher values, passion, and creativity, we realize these elements into practical applications that service the communities around and within impact leaders and organizations.

    What is an Impact Network?

    An impact network is a network and collective of change agents that are usually focused on a specific area of social change. Naturally within these networks are relationships and connections with communities where agents engage with for social change.


    If you are a representative of a network and would like to partner with us, feel free to connect with us.

    How does technology and social impact relate?

    The challenge with developing technology for social impact is the traditional world of technology development is a do-to process. In other words, it tends to create conveniences and at the same time turns into a crutch and a dependency that stiffens growth. Our view of social impact relating to technology is creating tools that empower and help people grow, while engaging in higher values of living.