• We're Creating a More Passionate World,

    Where Everyone can Live to their Fullest Potential.

  • Our Credo

    Our Beliefs. Our Philosophy. Our Community.

    We believe in happiness and joy as life guides. Enjoying every moment, loving genuinely and growing daily are natural feelings that make our lives ecstatic. Catching opportunities, listening openly to others and taking chances to lead a life to the fullest. Valuing the smallest things. Dreaming for the biggest goals.

    We believe that wondering, imagining, fantasizing are the fundamentals of successful action. The thirst for knowledge stretches minds, fires up euphoric spirits, enlightens. We believe in learning persistently: learning from our past, learning to identify ourselves in the present and learning to extend our views towards the future.

    We believe in taking immediate action to achieve our goals, in living without regrets by having fun, exploring our passions and maximizing our potential. We believe in curiosity as a powerful tool to discover new abilities and ride the flows of life.


    We believe it's time to be you.

  • Our Values

    Our cultural values are made up of each and one's own unique set of values. Not some fancy words on a paper napkin. We're unique because you're unique. What's important to you?


    We invite you to take a values assessment and share it with us if you would like to join the team.

    Send the assessment and your creative resume to us at:



    We're always looking for people with a passion and gift for:

    • Business Development and Impact Partnerships
    • Digital Strategists and Social Media Experts
    • Experience Designers, Design Thinkers & Alchemists
    • Community Builders, Conveners and Connectors
    • Systems Thinkers and Engineers
    • Volunteers Ready for Energy Exchange

  • Our Team

    Founders and Chief Change Makers

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    Duncan So

    Chief Catalyst

    I’m a Catalyst, Visionary, Designer and Social Entrepreneur. I’m passionate about passion, and enable people to live to their fullest potential. I’m about being real and having fun.



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    Frederico Li

    Chief Opportunity Officer

    I'm a Philosopher, Integrative thinker and Social Entrepreneur. I'm passionate about thinking, working with people, and making things happen.




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    Elettra Pizzi

    Creative Tribe Marketing Wiz

    I see imagination as the most wonderful gift a human being has. I love to create ways to give others the opportunity to live that spark and feel new emotions by magically connecting them with inspiring content.


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    Emmanuel Marfo

    Director, Africa

    I am a social entrepreneur with a passionate commitment to help empowering youth and young innovators through education, leadership, social entrepreneurship and sustainable project development.

  • Our Non-CEO Policy

    An Empowerment Organizational Framework

    You Are Your Own Boss.

    As an organization, we don't believe in having a CEO. That's because you are your own Chief Executive Officer in your life, and we believe in you to make the decisions that are congruent to the mission of the organization, be present, and committed to the delivery of your tasks. We believe your work is an extension of your greatest creative expression at all times. We are all on our own growth journey together.

    Our Leadership.

    We identify the natural born leaders within the organization. Some people have an amazing leadership capacity, with an influence and charisma to connect with people, and encourage a team effort to get tasks coordinated and completed. Ego is left at the door, and we're in a team environment that reminds us when decisions are made for the greater good. We provide opportunities for everyone to grow into their potential.

    You are the Epic Hero in Your Life.

    All members of the team will go through the Epic Hero Program, supplement and learn about the principles of extraordinary living. While our goal is to empower you, with great power comes responsibility. All team members are self-accountable for their actions and promises.

    Prepare for Breakthroughs.

    You are your own limits. We believe in mentors, not managers. However, in your own life's journey through the work at Phinklife, we know everyone will eventually hit barriers and challenges. Self-leadership is about obtaining perspective, and with a team of trained coaches, will help you breakthrough what's stopping you from moving forward. The team is only as strong as its weakest link, and we strive to enable everyone to reach their fullest potential.