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3 magical words that create empathy

... and one common word we think does, but kills it

A super simple way to establish empathy via connection... with three common words... in your day-to-day talk

I respect....

I appreciate....

(and if you really mean it) I agree...

When you're put in a position to be a listening and someone comes to you with a challenge or problem... for example, say you're friend comes to you to be heard.... (it might go like this...)

"I'm so tired... my boss is just dumping all this work on me..."

Typically we might be inclined to start off our response with these words: "I understand"

"OH I TOTALLY understand....."

DO WE REALLY? Kind of funny isn't it? Especially with empathy we "THINK" we might understand, but given the situation and the way we internalize complex sets of emotions, we all process the experience in a very different way. No matter how similar the situation, can we not agree we would all process and FEEL different about that experience?

Try and consider instead...

"OH I can TOTALLY respect that...."

If you're giving feedback to another point of view...

"I can appreciate what you're saying.... and...."

"I respect where you're coming from..."

"RIGHT??!! I totally agree with where you're coming from..."

Doesn't that seem, sound and feel a little more congruent to you? Give that a GO and let me know in the comments what you guys think AND give it a try a let us know if the experience of connection improved!

#KeepthePassionAlive #UnleashYourPotential #StartEmpathy

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